Top 10 problems why people fail at weight loss

The vicious cycle of gaining and losing weight is not just a simple thing to understand. A person who is taking up extra pounds is susceptible to developing many other physical, emotional and personal issue because obesity is not a trait that is socially acceptable in the majority of the cultures.

Being obese means you have been through many conditions and have been influenced by numerous factors that have contributed to making you obese. Understanding and knowing all the contributing factors is the key to finding out the right solution to lose extra pounds that you have put up on your body.

Despite the fact, people can find multiple, proven solutions to help anyone lose weight easily with elevated promises of seeing results in weeks, most people fail to lose weight. Yes, that is true!

It is important to note that most of us motivated to lose weight and turning as slim as we used to be in the past, but we never get to know how and in how much time we have gained that weight.

For example, if you have put up 20 extra pounds on your body in five years and now you are looking to find a super 5-day solution that will be able to get to the slim figure again, isn’t that insane to expect that speedy results?

This is one of the basic causes that usually ends up failing at weight loss. There are many other problems that may lead people to fail frequently while making struggles to lose weight which are:

  1. Unrealistic expectations

When people try to lose weight with a higher expectation of losing fats in a few days, they may lose patience when they don’t see such results in real. Such a situation leads to disappointment and they may not feel interested in following the weight loss plan further and that results in a failed plan.

  1. People fail because they only focus on one factor

Considering that high-calorie intake or fat intake causes weight gain and ignoring all other emotionally, and physiological factors contributing to weight gain lead people to fail at weight loss. Because if you only focus on food consistencies and don’t consider checking in for health issues and emotional factors you cannot attain the weight loss goals in anyways.

  1. Binge eating lifestyle

When people have binge eating habits their food craving doesn’t let them control their diet plan and that results in a failed weight loss plan.

  1. Going without knowing

When people are unaware of the things like proper ingredient combinations and proper food selection to help lose weight, they might end up with health issues and may not reach their weight loss goal at all.

  1. Too many restrictions on daily diet

One of the many problems is that when people get on to too restrictive diet, they lose their optimal metabolic rate in the body and may feel exhausted hence ending up in quitting the weight loss diet. (Newsmax)

  1. Skipping meals in a row

Another reason is that people think they can lose weight by skipping meals consistently which is totally wrong. Skipping meals in a row can actually lead to weight gain as you will have to confront the imbalanced nutrition when you eat abruptly after a long break.

  1. Impossible weight loss goals

Setting up weight loss goals in an unrealistic way and with higher expectations may lead to sure disappointment and quitting the weight loss plan within a few days leading to a total failure of the plan.

  1. Insufficient nourishment

Imbalanced nourishment, non-supportive ingredients in the diet may also lead to the failure of the weight loss plan. As when you don’t intake proper amount of needed ingredients your body loses important components and lead people to develop health issue that in turn increases weight. (

  1. Quick shifts between the weight loss diet

Emotional imbalances may lead to quick shifts between the diet plans and that lead to bodily issues and may not help in losing weight resulting in failure in weight loss struggles.

  1. Medical conditions and medications

Some people may fail, not because they are following the wrong path rather they might have certain medical conditions that may inhibit weight loss or burning of extra fat like having problems in thyroid function, extreme stress, adrenal dysfunction etc. Medications like steroids may also lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. (mindbodygreen)

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